My name is Ulf Owenede and I am president of an organization called Team RHC. We are one of about 55 western riding organizations in Sweden. In Sweden we also have organizations like SQHA (Swedish Quarter Horse…) SPHA, SRHA, SRCHA, SCHA and we co-operate with them in our shows.
We arrange the biggest western riding show in Sweden, and one of the biggest in north Europe.,Ranch Horse Classic.
It is a four-day show, outdoor, 2009 will be the sixth year. It is a Show with cutting, working cow horse, team penning, team sorting, Dummy roping (we do not rope live cattle in Sweden, only dummy’s) Heard work, ranch cutting, pole bending and barrel race. We have Riders from Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Germany.
2009 we will have NCHA-approved cutting and the first NRCHA-approved Show in Sweden.
2008 we had 270 participants, 18.500 visitors, and a market with over 30 Stands. The show takes place at High Chaparral in Smaland in the south of Sweden. High Chaparral is a big western town, the biggest in the world?
It would be very nice to have som riders from Polen at the show 2009.
It is a event for the whole family, if you get tierd of horses you can visit the westerntown, (it is only 500 meters betwin the show arena and the westertown) and look at the shows (stuntshow, indiashow, Lucky Luke Show, Mexican Show) , eat, drink and shopping
You can look at our websites, (it is in Swedish, sorry) : and at
Best Regards
Ulf Owenede
tel: 0705-83 33 60

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